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 APR   May 2005   

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Friday April 15, 2004
Okay. Two years is definitely too long to go without comics. Unfortunately, I still don't have the inclination to draw more Desperado Coyote strips. What I do have, however, is the inspiration to do sprite comics! This Monday will be the Keenspace premiere of The Virtual Life, the world's first reality sprite comic. I've taken six totally different video game characters (okay, two are obviously MegaMan sprites), recolored them, and put them all under one roof. Will they be able to coexist? Is one of them secretly a homosexual? Who will be the first flip out and kill everyone else? Keep reading, and maybe I'll answer these questions!

By the way, all the base sprites are copyrighted material owned by various video game and anime companies and have been used without their permission. They are being used soley for entertainment purposes and I have no intention of profitting from their likenesses. So I won't tell anyone if you don't. ~_^

Also, I have added links to Adventure Quest (should be to the left of this), Daze in a Haze, River City High, Girly, and Bob and George. Hopefully, I won't allow myself to be influence by Bob and George too much. At least, no more than I'm influence by the Simpsons and other junk like that.

Monday, 3/17/03

I hope you like the holiday image I put up, although technically St. Patrick's Day isn't a holiday since we don't get the day off.

There will be a new comic up next week, which has inspired me to make a new shirt. This will replace the old "Coyote Energy" shirts, so they are now limited edition. Be sure to buy one before they're gone.

Monday, 2/3/03
Having discovered a way to easily make filler strips has given me another excuse to be lazy. The next strip only needs one more panel to be complete, yet I give you the censored version of a joke someone told me that I didn't even think was that funny in the first place.

Oh, yeah. I've made an animated banner and an icon that you can use to link back to this site.



I've also added a links to Polymer City Chronicles and It's Walky! in the links at the bottom of the page. Man, I need to tidy this place up a bit...

Wednesday, 1/1/2003
Happy new year, one and all, and best wishes. I hope you like the hasty New Year's graphic I made.

Sunday, 12/29/2002
Well, better late than never. The both of you still reading this comic will be pleased to note that the next strip will be up on Monday. Here's to a belated happy holiday of your choice and happy new year, assuming you go by the roman calendar.

Meanwhile, I want to know if you think the comics have gotten too damn big lately. Send e-mail to to let me know what you think.

-- Tech Weaver

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